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._Kuroi Taiyou //

XodiacK Fan Community

._Kuroi Taiyou // XodiacK Fan Community
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This is a XodiacK fan community, where you can find anything you want
._Kuroi Taiyou
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._XodiacK Fan Community
Welcome to ._Kuroi Taiyou, a Fan Community dedicated to XodiacK, a japanese Visual Kei band.

XodiacK are
Eros, vocalist ~ 「絶対的支配領域~日常編~」
Masa, guitarist ~ 「美音綴り」
Yamihito, bassist ~ 「YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE ?」
Kaede, drummer ~ 「ドラ息子の「星の瞬き」」

Here you can find info, images, downloads, graphic, threads and so much more.

The files on this community should be deleted from your computer after 48 hours, please support the band by buying original CDs.
Official Home Page
Official Myspace

✖ English is spoken
✖ Fell free to post everithing related to XodiacK
✖ When you post something, be sure to write your own rules, for exemple "Don't re-post it anywhere else"
✖ You can introduce yourself, if you want
✖ You can request anything you want, we would be happy to help you
Thanks to dailydays for the profile code, and to milkgloves for the community layout.
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